Kacie and Kids: Mini Sessions

There's really not enough I can say about this momma.  We went to school together from K-12, and she was always--I mean ALWAYS--kind, easy going, and friendly with everyone.  This includes the perilous junior high years, people.  She has two incredibly beautiful and confident kiddos (teach me your ways, momma--oh to have confident kids at this age!!) who obviously adore her, and it was a treat (rather, blessing) to get to hang out with this sweet family for a few minutes last weekend.  Beautiful, beautiful people (inside, outside, upside, downside, all the sides), y'all.

Kyla: Spring Mini Sessions

Mini sessions were SO FUN this past weekend!!  It was a smaller group than my fall date, but that was good for two reasons: a) humbling! always good. and b) a little more creative brain space.  Apparently that's a limited resource sometimes, haha!

Here's a little peak of Kyla, the 8th grade daughter of one of our friends.  Occasion for the photos?  They just wanted them.  I love that.  This girl is ten kinds of spunk and fun, and I really wish I was as confident as her when I was her age.  I also wish I had her sense of style...currently...

Rose: College Graduate

The Lowder family is about to add a college grad to our collective resume!  Rose is a senior at TWU and is about to graduate with a degree in child development--and she did it in FOUR YEARS, folks!!  Does anyone even do that anymore?  ROSE DOES.

Like any college senior, she's a little apprehensive about the future, but those of us who know her are incredibly confident that her story is just beginning.  I pity the fool who doesn't hire this girl, ya know what I mean?  Qualified, full of heart, and unafraid of a challenge, this girl is ready to fight for kids and to make sure each one with whom she comes into contact is safer, smarter, and more loved than before they met.  Case in point:  her one request for her senior photos was that her nieces and nephew were in the photos as well.  Are you kidding me?!  CUTEST. EVER.

Her tattoo, as pictured below, is a beautiful representation of who Rose is--and her story is hard and important and beautiful, just as beautiful as she is herself. 

Cast Iron Families: Crowd Funding Update #2

Whew.  Friends.

What a whirlwind. 

I spent a couple years writing the book, about six months shooting for it, my gracious designer labored hard (no pun intended, but she did have a baby ;) for several months, we prepped for crowd funding for a month, and then...

...in less than 48 hours...



Friday afternoon, my head was spinning.  I said "thank you" in as many venues as I could find, and then we took some family time over the weekend.  All the while, I was thinking in the back of my head...

"...what's next?" 

We still have through the end of MARCH to crowd fund!  The urgency has passed--because we met our goal, I'll definitely get my funding.  But the sky is still the limit-- we can raise as much as we want, y'all!

I'm not allowed to change the goal amount, officially, on the page, but I have a feeling y'all can roll with the punches.  So let's change the goal unofficially.

New goal: $4500.


Two reasons.

One: I truly believe in the two-fold message of this book.  First, it is entirely possible for you to take the kind of photos you want to take.  Secondly, family. comes. first. Period. So let's pick up the camera and work on your skillz, but only if we're going to be honest about our families and never at the expense of our families. In a culture of anxiety-inducing headlines that make us fear that we are SCREWING UP AT ALL TIMES IN ALL WAYS, this is a book that says, hey. You're good.  Let's hang out and practice together, and get better in the ways we want, and forget about anything that is not a personal priority.  

Two: I'm doing my part to take care of my family.  We've sacrificed our time and resources to put this book together, so I don't want to sell us short now.  The more books (and the other perks too, of course!) I can get into your hands, the greater our sigh of relief can be when we pay our preschool tuition or book plane tickets to visit far-away family.  I'm not trying to cast a guilt trip by any means--we don't do debt and won't make any commitments we can't follow through on. I just want to be honest about where your investment will end up.  If you see us take a trip to Vegas (whiiiiiich you probably won't, haha!), it absolutely will have nothing to do with this campaign.  Cast Iron Families is about working hard and loving hard, and I'd never cheat any of us by spending this money on something frivilous.

So, let's do this!!  We have the rest of the month to hit $4.5k, and I think we can do it.  I do not think I can do it on my own--I need my community.  So rise up, if you please.  Thank you.


Claire: Melissa Senior

OH THIS GIRL.  Not enough heart-eyes for this girl.  Just like, two seconds ago, she was a stinkin' cute freshman sneaking goldfish in my class (the snack, not the animal, worry not) and laughing with her friends. I'm not sure what happened, but all of the sudden she's a beautiful, gracious senior--Varsity cheerleader, smoothie maker, volunteer extraordinaire.  

If Charlotte has a choice, she DEFINITELY wants to go to Claire's house (not to mention the wonderful brothers, sister, and parents who come with that package deal) because she knows how safe and well-cared for she is there.  Well...she probably actually just loves playing.  But subconsciously, she knows. ;)

I am so excited for the Baylor community--they're getting a jewel with this one.