Becca Egger Editing Services

After several years of experience in the classroom, and many more years of nerdy nerdy all-the-time reading, I've come to the firm conclusion that when writing, we absolutely always do one of two things:  we either sell our intelligence short or we project ourselves as smarter than we actually are.

Let's aim for the second option, yes?

Through cosmetic proof-reading (punctuation, spelling, etc.) and/or more complex copyediting (re-working sentences, organizing thoughts, fallacy-checking, etc.), I believe I can help you tell your story with greater accuracy, passion, and heart.

I'm glad to look at anything--blog entries, school papers, professional pieces, personal letters--anything.  

My prices are competitive and affordable, but give credit to my degree and 5+ years in the classroom.  The majority of my customers are writing for school--so, just so you know, for a typical essay, I charge a minimum of $15, which includes anything up to and including 4 pages (double spaced).  Additional pages are priced similarly.  Research papers with quotes, citations, and all that jazz start at $25 for 4 pages (double spaced), with additional pages priced similarly.  Blogs, books, stories, journals, and letters are priced on a case-by-case basis.

I am also available to review or tutor (especially younger students) in person.  

Simply fill out the form below so we can move forward.  With very very few exceptions, I will email you back within 24 hours with a quote.  

Please note that I am a human and do not guarantee perfection.  I do promise to do my best and work with you to make your work the best representation of yourself.

I won't give a quote to or accept work from my own students.  Duh, that'd be weird.

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Obviously, we haven't worked out a deal yet, so this isn't a binding contract--I just need to know what your timeline is. For your reference, I can typically return an average 3-10 page paper within 48 hours of receipt.