Your family is magic. Sometimes, it may feel like black magic, but often it’s straight-up Pete’s Dragon—Mary Poppins—Sabrina the Teenage Witch MAGIC. Let’s make sure you have every tool you need to document the day-to-day and extraordinary as accurately and beautifully as you can.

Cast Iron Families is a book for moms, dads, grandparents—any adult, really—YOU, really—who want to take their “fancy camera” (or their camera phones) to the next level and start getting the results you thought you would when you first bought it.

100+ pages of jargon-free instruction, a kerbillion photographs of beautiful kids and families (with a “regular” fancy camera, no professional-level tools were used—also, no professional models were used. Everyone here is crazypants), and gallons of love-drenched brutal honesty. Topics include how not-scary manual mode is, how to get teenage boys to smile, and the art of the group holiday photo. WHAT ELSE COULD YOU NEED?!

Fun fact: this was my weird nesting project while I was pregnant with Georgia. You got up at 4am to scrub baseboards with a toothbrush, I got up at 4am to write this book.

$50 special pricing INCLUDES tax and shipping!