Milo: Newborn

Every baby deserves to have excitement and anticipation on this side of the womb, and goodness gracious, Milo has had a PARTY waiting for him!  You may remember his mom and dad from the good looks and affection in their maternity photos, and 10/10 chance you can see the same looks and love here. I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT wait to watch this kid grow up and flourish in the Lord.  What a guy, what a blessing, what a week.

Andrew and Joni: Engagement

I *cannot explain* the joy of working with people who are genuinely surprised by how beautiful their lives have turned out.  Osmosis of happiness is REAL and after hanging out with these two, I was on a bit of a high for several hours.

Andrew (or Josey, as we call him) and Joni are each great friends of ours from camp (if you've hung out with our family for more than a couple hours you definitely know about Camp RYLA), and any positive descriptors you can think of can be used to describe them: salt of the earth, optimistic, joy-filled, and most of all, incredible friends--to all of us, as well as to each other.  They have been great friends for years, and then in the past year or so realized that they just might be so lucky as to spend their lives together.

Imagine the size and energy of a NASCAR cheering section and that's about how the rest of us camp buddies (and I'm sure their families and other friends!) reacted when we heard that they'd be getting married.  This is the real deal.

Price and Reagan: ENGAGED!!

New rule: I only take engagement photos if you promise to get engaged WHILE we're taking the photos.  STRICT POLICY.

Just kidding. That'd be a fun but also weird policy and probably tricky to enforce...I digress.  Engagement photos are so much fun, even if you've been engaged for months and months--settled-in love has its own vitality, you know?  So actually my strict policy is that I'll only take your engagement photos if you're nice to me and nice to each other and stay in love forever and ever.  That's the real deal.


PRICE AND REAGAN GOT ENGAGED RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE AND THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME BUT I WAS SO NERVOUS.  They were so stinking cute and funny and then BOOM, Price with the trick play, and I think he caught Reagan completely unsuspecting.  Cutest ever.

Kirkland Family

I think this shoot was originally scheduled for June, which as you may recall was as hot as Satan's kitchen, so when life events forced us to reschedule for September, I was hopeful the weather would be a little better.  


Like 76 degrees, y'all.  Literally perfect.  Basking in Jesus' living room.  It was divine.  

And so is this family--spunk times nine in this cute kiddo, and his mom and stepdad are as sweet and good natured as they come.  Bonus: I got an in-depth pitching lesson about 10 minutes into our time together.  I'm so grateful for this job--creativity + new relationships.  It really doesn't get much better than that.

Adam + Sierra: Maternity


Summer's a slow time for photos, typically, because *newsflash* it's hot, y'all.  But every once in a while, a sweet little bebe dictates the schedule and good gosh I'm glad.  These sweet friends are incredibly important to my family, and I was determined to give them the best--in 20 minutes or less.  Aforementioned heat, ya know.  Did you know North Texas currently has a heat index of THE SUN?!  Give or take.  Anyways, I didn't keep track of the exact time, but I'm pretty sure we were pretty close--and again, good gosh, y'all.  All the heart eyes for these two and their sweet baby boy.

I really could go on and on about these two and their friendship, and how much they mean to my family--but that'd make me realize that we're at the end of an era (Jeff and Adam worked together (and carpooled) for the past two years and that's not the case anymore), so I'm not going to do that.  Just know that these people are the good kind.