Hannah: Senior

I essentially grew up in the small town where we shot these photos--but geeze Louise I'd never seen some of these spots!  Hannah and her mom took on the scouting challenge for her senior photos, and they hit it out of the park--but I figured they would.  Hannah's dad and my husband have worked together this school year, and as I've gotten to know these ladies a little bit better, I haven't come across a single thing I don't love about them--so their excellent taste came as no surprise!  

Hannah's the oldest sibling in her family, and I know her graduation is going to bring about plenty of big changes for all of them, but it was so fun to hear the confidence her mom spoke with about Hannah's future.  This girl is locked, loaded, and ready for the next step.

Give me a shout if you're ready to learn more about booking a session yourself!  I promise it'll be fun and I'll be the dorkiest dork present.

Erin: Senior

Erin's family killed two birds with one stone, and took a few minutes out of her senior session to also get their family portrait made.  I've had a few families do this recently, and I think it's genius!!  I love working and I want to work as often as I can, but also I love a deal and am definitely on board to help folks make the most of their buck.

As you can see, Erin and her big sister Maddie have a super sweet relationship, and some of my favorite photos from this session are of the two of them together--which is really saying a lot, because I have more than a few favorites from our time together!  Side note: would you believe me if I told you that both of these girls are as sweet as they are stunning?  Hard to believe, but true.

2018 is the year of film transition for Cast Iron Photography, so all of these photos were shot on Kodak Portra 400, which is a lovely film stock and really performed well on this beautiful overcast afternoon.

If you're like HEY Kodak Portra would love my face too! then just drop me a line, and we can get your session all set up!  Like I said before, I LOVE TO WORK and I'm always scheduling.

Charlotte: 4 years old

Somehow I was able to build "four year old pictures" up to be a totally fun privlege--which does NOT mean she was still and cooperative, but it DOES mean that she stayed in a good mood while I chased her around the backyard to get these shots!

Tenacious, gregarious, a little ornery, and a WHOLE lot of spunky.

Putting this blog post together, I started digging back to find her "birthday pictures" from previous years, and I'm so glad I did.  Most importantly, this girl has GROWN!!  But as a secondary point, I think my skillz have improved too.  I mean, I sure hope so, haha!  Hopefully I'll be saying that four years from now as well.  Fun fact: the three- and two-year-old pics are digital, and the one-year-old photos are on film.

Baylee: University Senior

I don't know Baylee too well--she was the maid of honor, so to speak, at her friend's session I shot a few months ago, so she was exposed to my dorkiness at that point, and then she hired me for her own senior photos--so what I gather is she must be a little crazy and I love her a lot.  I have a feeling I'd stand by that summary even after hanging out a dozen more times, but I'd probably also end up adding descriptors like sweet, bright, and a genuine friend. Word on the street is she's the kind of friend a girl can really count on.