Mast Family

This (insert so many positive adjectives: sweet, genuine, down-to-earth, lovely, GOOD LOOKING) family has been hiring me for something like seven years, and I honestly can't wrap my mind around that.  Talk about encouraging folks to have in my corner.  Makes me want to be sure to be that person for someone else.

This shoot was in celebration of a new house and a comfortable family and mud boots and boardgames, and honestly what better reasons could we have for taking an hour to make this happen?  

I'm all about celebrating milestones and traditional "YAY!" moments, but if you're game for something like this--just "an hour in the life of our family"--go ahead and get in touch, because I AM ON BOARD.

Milo, Sierra, and Patricia: Three Generations


Hahaha okay sorry.  Back on track.  These three represent three generations of a strong, tight family, and it was a huge honor to be able to document the changing of seasons for them.  Patricia, Sierra's mom, has been able to spend most of Milo's infancy with him as his day-time caregiver--how incredibly special is that?  That time has come to a close: Milo's rocking his days away at a cute little school, Patricia is back at work, and Sierra is continuing to kick off her post-grad school career.  We took some time on their last Saturday together to just reflect and laugh and geeze louise I was honored to be a part of the party.

Milo has a pretty epic support system--these two ladies are foundational, and so are his dad and other grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and...he doesn't know how good he's got it.

If this kind of session is tempting you, click here real quick to learn more and shoot me a line.  I'd love to tell you more!

Andrews Family

Writing about the folks I get to photograph is one of my favorite parts of the job, but with this family, I think I'm just going to be quiet and let you notice that it's hard to identify who belongs to which parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle--ultimate example of a real family unit.  Mix and match and everyone always fits.  Let that speak loud and long because it's better than anything else I could try to say. Lots of gospel living with these people.

Whitten: ONE!

In honor of this kiddo's first birthday, we did an all-film session at his house.  

Note: film? like a movie? Haha, no, like a film camera like your parents used when you were a kid and your grandparents probably still use now.  Why?  Color quality, grain > pixilation, the sound of the film winding entertains kids, etc.  But most of all, the limited number of photos I get in a film session make me change my perspective:  instead of taking 250 digital photos and throwing out any with flaws so I end up with 50-70 great, "perfect" photos to share, I take several rolls of 36 exposure film and pray they ALL turn out.  Then, when I look through them, I choose to ignore a LOT of flaws and instead, spend my time looking for what I do love about the photos.  Let's talk about how healthy that perspective shift is for me in general.

Anyways, back to sweet Whitten.  From the outside, this kid is an adorably chubby redhead with a quick crawl and ever-more-confident walk.  But to those of us who get to be around him and his family more regularly, there's also an air of confidence and love that surrounds Whitten and his big sis.  These kiddos know they are cherished.  I don't know what more they could ask for, you know?

Additional side note:  I keep telling his mom and dad that they could get an HGTV gig--her taste and his work, y'all!  All of these photos were taken in either their home (stripped to studs and rebuilt by them) or their playhouse (designed and built by them).  If anyone wants their contact info so you can hire them for your projects, let me know!  I mean, I'm completely offering that without their permission, so no promises, but shoot your shot, right?!

Kendall: Senior

Kendall's mom, Ashley, had a stroke of genius when she asked if we could use a little of Kendall's senior portrait time to also get some (rare!) family photos.  First of all, yes of course, second of all, SERIOUSLY that's genius.  We made sure to prioritize Kendall's time, but then while she was changing took advantage of the lull and got other important shots of her family members, and when she was in the outfit that coordinated best with the rest of the crew, we rocked a few group shots.  I bet she donated a total of maybe ten minutes of her senior portrait time.  I'm all about saving those dollars, folks!

ALSO.  How special is it to have your A-team join you for your senior pics?  Like, hey, look what I've done and look where I'm going, but also look who has surrounded me, supported me, made me brave, helped me do my best.  I love the underlying message of these photos: go Kendall, and also we're coming with you.

Anyways, on to Kendall!  She's a (gorgeous!  Irrelevant but true!) senior at Melissa High School and is currently wrapping up her last couple days on campus.  In January, she'll join her big sis at Texas A&M in College Station and start working out with the soccer team!  How cool is that?  For all the hard work (and resources!) this family has put in over the years, they have two girls suiting out for TAMU, and even a year and a half of that together.  Talk about special!  She's had an incredible high school experience, as a varsity soccer player and RYLA scholarship winner (and way more activities and accolades than I can list here), and I know she's planning on making the next four years just as special.