Sweet Deal Mini Sessions | #healnellieheal

Well, friends, I had a wild end to my week, starting with a chase through the streets, continuing with a trip to a veterinary surgeon, and ending with a firm decision to offer a day of mini sessions!  I'm working on writing up the story, as it's a bit of a thriller (to animal lovers, at least), and also perhaps a new part of my testimony.  In the mean time, in order to help fund our sweet pup's healing process, I want to go ahead and release the information for a FANTASTIC day of mini-sessions coming up in just a few weeks!

There are a few reasons I offer mini sessions before the holidays, but mainly, I know a lot of folks are looking for good value for their dollar.  Well, perfect opportunity here--with this timing, folks can have recent family photos for Christmas/holiday cards as well as gifts, and maybe even new decor for the house if you're hosting the family this year.  I provide every client with digital files of their images, so you can printprintprint like crazy.  You're welcome.  ;)

My two cents:  it never hurts to email and ask for more info.  Even if you're a little interested, go ahead and reach out.  I have limited spots available, so maybe even hustle, plus it'll be a big step towards getting a big fat CHECK on your checklist for the fall.  Ya know that feels good.  Besides, if you decide against, I'm a big girl, and we can still be friends.  Promise.  Just go ahead and reach out and see if this will be a good fit for you.  YOLO, y'all.

Note:  Exact location TBA, but will be in or between Sherman and McKinney, TX.  I'll wait to make a decision based on the majority needs of the folks who commit.

Other note:  For the animal lovers out there, check out #healnellieheal on instagram to follow the babe's journey.

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