I may or may not have coerced Kennedy into taking these photos.  But I swear, you can't blame me...this girl is gorgeous, plus has incredible talent as a makeup artist.  I had to have her!  Bonus:  I had just gotten my new Mamiya 645 (a medium-format film camera), and Kennedy was willing to be patient with me as I experimented a bit.  I tell you what...I'm sold.  I cannot wait to experiment and learn more with that little contraption.  I think we may be on to something good.

So, first, a few digital files.  Then the film.  Gotta save the best for last.

Oh yeah!  I was able to send Kennedy home with a few polaroids, too.  I like the balance of the instant gratification of polaroid and the delayed gratification of film.

Speaking of are a few of my favorite scans!

xoxo Bec