Morgan text me a few weeks before her session to show me a few photos she really liked, as inspiration for her shoot.  I told her later, I was a little nervous to open up that text...because usually when someone has ideas for their shoot, it's a lot about poses...which is fine, but posing really should depend a lot on the model as an individual and what is most flattering for her (or him!).  BUT.  This text was filled with a great variety of poses and styles, and what was consistent was the beautiful light in each frame.  Best of all, the images were accompanied by the text, "I love the light in all of these!"


So, in order to get that beautiful dewy light, we met at 7:30 in the morning (I know!  She's in it to win it!), and spent a couple hours getting these winners.

Morgan, you are beautiful, and I am so glad to have gotten to take your senior photos!