Labor Day

My dogs have been sleeping for the past 23 hours.

We spent the last couple days at my parent's house, along with my mom's extended family, celebrating family as well as recent birthdays.  It was loud, a little chaotic, and absolutely wonderful.  One fun element was Henry, my cousin's little boy, who is a few weeks younger than Charlotte, and one of the few babes I've seen who out-girths her!  Charlotte is very much a fan of Henry and Henry's ears.  Henry has a thing for Charlotte's shoulders, I think.

Water + cousins + babies + so many birthday cakes + even more dogs = a great Labor Day weekend.  And pretty tiring for my pups.

Apologies for the extra photos of Charlotte.  I just love her so.

photo credits for many of these photos to Jenny Carter, Sandi Lowder, and Jeff Egger

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