State of the Business

Modeling after a dear friend, I present to you my first ever State of the Business Blog-dress.


First of all, I love this little business.  I have more fun getting to know you lovely folks I'm lucky enough to photograph, and then staring at your faces as I work through your images.  I'm not being creepy; I'm being real.  Let's just all be okay with that.

Secondly, I love where my business is headed.  I'm 100% on board here, now that I've resigned from teaching.  I have been working more heavily (but not heavily enough!!) in film, and am thrilled with the possibilities in that department.  I love focusing on teens and seniors, and also love when I have the opportunity to photograph babies, families, new mommas, brides, etc.  I'm living the dream, I think.

Next, I still firmly believe I am making the right call in not regularly photographing weddings.  I do have wedding pricing available--as everyone has their price ;)--but not jumping into that industry is the right choice for my lifestyle.

Moving forward, I'm looking for success in a few different categories in 2015.

First, I want to continue to offer the best services I can provide, while staying true to my style and always working to offer more than the minimum for your value.  BOOM.  

Secondly, I want to improve.  I want to be more artistic, more technically refined, more creative, more everything.  Except more lame, no one wants that.

Thirdly (weird word), I'm about to hire a marketing intern (!!!!!) so you folks are about to be hearing A LOT MORE from Becca Egger Photography!!  I'm not skilled in this area, and after a very productive lunch meeting with a friend who IS, I have a plan.  So get excited about that.

Almost lastly, film.  I would say I'm 80% digital, 20% film at this point.  This time next year, I want the inverse to be true--80% film, 20% digital.

Definitely lastly, pricing.  In order to account for life changes as well as business evolution, I've adjusted pricing from henceforth.  Worry not, everyone in the books and/or in conversations as of now is grandfathered in under my 2014 pricing.  I'm fair, y'all.  ;)

Lots of love.  I have the coolest job ever.


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