I LOOOOVED spending the day with Bailey and her family!  In honor of a fantastic senior year, she and her mother elected to grab one of my favorite packages--the Diamond--which includes a trip to a makeup artist!  So, bright and early, we met up with one of my favorite makeup girls and Bailey spent our first hour together getting pampered.  I was jealous...but I handled it, I promise.  Anyhow, I love how Bailey's makeover turned out--I kept telling her that I could still see her, she just had a little extra glam!  

Then we headed out to one of my favorite places to shoot (some of y'all will recognize it!) and in the midst of mud, golf carts, and a tricky dog who somehow locked me out of the house, we grabbed some of my favorite shots of the year.  I think there's something to be said for working with folks you know--and Bailey is a former student who I LOVED having in class, so our comfort level was pretty good going into this whole adventure.

I present to you, Bailey!  Softball extraordinaire, model student, and all-around sweet, sweet girl.