So, great hair must run in this family.  I mean...seriously.

Anyways, back to business.  After shooting senior photos for Katey's sister, Alyssa, last year, I was ecstatic when their mom contacted me to get Katey in the books for some head shots.  Heck to the yes.

I was sorting through some of these photos last night, and my (ONE YEAR OLD!!) Charlotte was sitting on my lap, saying, "Hi!" every time a new photo of Katey came up.  We had a lot of fun talking about what a great girl she is--"Charlotte, you want to be kind like Katie.  Wouldn't you like to be as confident and humble as Katey?  Yes, Katey is so very pretty, but she is also friendly and nice."  So thankful for young ladies like Katey (and Alyssa!!) to be role models for little ones like my girl.

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