Cara: Musician

Childhood friend turned highly trained musician, y'all.  WATCH. OUT.

Our sweet little hometown has turned out a lot of very successful folks--by both traditional definition (education, travel, financial gain) and (in my opinion) actual definition (broadening experiences, pursuing dreams, acquiring grit).  Cara's story definitely falls into all of the above categories, but most certainly in a completely unique manner.

After earning her Bachelor's at TCU and working in Music Ed for a while, Cara went where (maybe literally) no man (from our hometown) had gone before--she went to Ireland to get her Master's Degree!  How sweet is that?!  She's back now and back in Music Ed, evaluating what the future may hold for her.  I would attempt to explain more about her degree and training, but I am QUITE certain I would do more harm than good--the good news is, these photos were taken for her new website, and I'm certain she can explain her life pretty succinctly!  I will be sure to point everyone that way when the time comes.

Also: this session was a blasty blast.  Catching up with an old friend?  Check.  Make that an incredibly gorgeous friend?  Check CHECK.  Ending up with the most eclectic group of photos of any session in recent history?  OH CHECK YEAH!