Gill: Senior Session

Jeff and I have only worked at the same school one time--though it lasted for two years, and for one of those years our rooms were directly across the hall from each other.  I really count myself blessed for all six years of my teaching experience, but those two years, for this reason, are extremely special to me.

One of the best parts of sharing a school is sharing students, and Gill here is a prime example of that fun.  I had Gill in class, and got to see her in that light, and Jeff had her in track, and was able to get to know her in that environment.  In my experience, the side of a student represented in the classroom is NOT AT ALL the same kid you see in athletics--which is not necessarily a bad thing, but character is shown in adversity (wherever that adversity shows up), and Jeff and I often end up with different relationships and experiences with the same student, just because we see them in different circumstances. 

Not Gill.

This girl, y'all.

Talented to the max (multi-year state qualifier in some of (my opinion here) the most difficult races available to run), respectful and hardworking, optimistic and trusting...this girl, y'all.  She is a true competitor, genuine friend, and conscientious student.  Neither of us work at her school at this point, but when we see her (and several of her classmates!) compete, we sure do miss getting to be a regular part of her (and their) day(s).  (So many parentheses!) (Geeze!)  Getting to spend one of last week's (let's just stick with the parentheses here: AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GOOD GRIEF GORGEOUS) golden hours with Gill and her mom was just what the doctor ordered for this on-a-break-to-raise-babies teacher.