Nix Family: Family Portraits

Seeing as we're in the beautiful trenches ourselves, coaches' families have a VERY special place in my heart--and in my book, once a coaches' family, always a coaches' family!  Though these folks focus their time in the ministry now, for several years, we attended a LOT of football games together.  When we met, they just had their sweet girl, and it's been a blessing to watch their family grow from the perfect three to the more-perfect five, and the joy those two boys have added to everyone's lives is just beyond description.  

One of my most favorite habits the Nix family has is their ability to not just accept the chaos of life, but to embrace it.  Frankly, if the momma of a family is a teacher, and the daddy is a coach or in the ministry, and if they allow their kids to have ANY fun at all, things are just going to get a little crazy sometimes.  The Nix's know that, and they embrace the semi-madness rather than fighting it, and I truly and honestly believe they are all better for it--and so is my family, as we have folks like these to follow closely behind.