Bailey: Senior Portraits

To be completely honest, I woke up on Saturday feeling depleted.  To quote my mom, I'm 100 months pregnant, and it was a big week for us--my husband is a track coach and did a lot of the organizing for two track meets held at his school this week, and I helped a bit, was just a big week.  So Saturday, for him, was spent doing lawn work and cleaning our house (typical) and for me was spent laying in bed...or on the couch...or pretty much anywhere, resting (also typical).

I was a little nervous, as I had a shoot that evening.  But, just in time, I pulled it together for Bailey's photos, had the best time, and then called my husband when we were done--and I think the energy and excitement in my voice shocked him!  Totally rejuvenated and excited, I couldn't stop bubbling about how great Bailey and her family are, how much I KNEW I'd love her photos, and (of course) what we should have for dinner!

I'm so grateful for a job that energizes me more than it tires me--for a chance to do something meaningful and worthwhile--and to be exposed to incredible girls like Bailey.  When I get to photograph future world-changers, I just can't help but get excited.