Bailey: Spring Sport Mini Session

Back in the fall, we did Bailey's senior photos--and scheduled a spring session, as well!  Bailey is a killer softball player (not literally...I don't think...), and will spend the summer traveling with an out-of-state team, and then will go on to play with her collegiate team in the fall.  With skills like that, you KNOW she's been playing for a long time and softball tournaments are a staple of her family's life.  It's only logical we'd head to the softball field for her second set of senior portraits!

One of my favorites is the photo of her step-dad helping her up onto the fence, for two reasons: one, that's the fence she's hit most of her high school home runs over.  Two, I don't think that's the first or last time her incredibly supportive step-dad has given her a leg up.  #sweetness

Rebecca Egger1 Comment