Cast Iron Families: Crowd Funding Day 1

To be totally candid, I thought about making a really steep goal: 50% in 24 hours.  Then I got nervous, and backed it off to a still steep but less intimidating goal: 50% in 48 hours.


In one day, we've reached 52% of our fundraising goal of $3500.  This is a big deal, folks, mostly because this is an all-or-nothing campaign.  If I don't reach my goal, I don't get any of the funds.  So I'm pretty excited--this seems like a good sign that the campaign will work out.

My second goal is to hit 100% in 10 days or less.  I'm thinking "or less" is definitely possible!! Here's the trick, though: we've got to get the word out a little further.  Tomorrow I'm going to be asking everyone to SHARE like crazy, so we can reach folks who haven't yet heard of Cast Iron Families.  

Thank you all so, so much--this has been a big day of refreshing my safari app like crazy and my jaw dropping again and again.  Folks SHOWING UP.

Love you all. Let's do this again tomorrow.