Wiles Family

Lifestyle sessions are as simple as they sound--comfy clothes, bare feet, at home, real life.  I mean, it's a little different than a regular day--I'm there with my big ol' light and camera and the kids will probably move from task to task a little more quickly than usual--but still, it's genuine.  Now, I'm not sure how often these two actually play checkers, but I can verify that on this day, the competition was real.  We grabbed some more traditional portraits at the end to balance out the shoot, and I'm so pleased with the sum total.

How CUTE is this family?!  I got on my instastory (is that the right way to say that?) after this session to let the whole world know that despite my fatigue from a looooong day/night leading up to this shoot, I was leaving with more energy than I came with, and just generally encouraged and cheered.  I think a lot of that credit goes to these two boys and their parents, for being genuinely kind and inclusive, but also some of the credit goes to doing work I really and truly enjoy.  These folks were relaxed, unposed, unhurried, not concerned with perfection but rather with relationship.  I'm down for that.