Dillon and Rosie: Engaged

The BEST PART EVER of my teaching career (so far) has been getting to form post-graduation friendships with some of my students.  I wish more would come around ;) but those I've had the privilege of running into after they're all grown up and engaged and educated and mature and extra-funned-up have just blessed me to death.  Case in point: I had Rosie in class several years ago, and getting to see her in love and extra confident and so genuinely happy was the best thing.  She's found her match in Dillon, and I'm old-lady-crying in the corner admiring their cuteness. CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT, you two sweet goofballs!

If you're like HEY I'M SWEET AND GOOFY, TAKE MY PICS, then just say so!!  I'm always scheduling. <3