Clint Sherman: Musician

This guy right here has been a friend to both Jeff and me for about five years now, and in full, full honesty, his current and impending success as a musician really isn't a surprise.  The quality of his voice is matched, or maybe exceeded, by the quality of his character, and every one of his wins has dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of hard work behind it.  Get in on the ground level, y'all, so you can say you knew him when.

Hey, side note, are you aware of the new arm of the business, Lunch Hour Head Shots?  It's simple, efficient, and produces work like this.  Or like whatever you need.  This shoot was custom-fit to what would serve Clint best.  (You can follow us on Instagram, too, @lunchhourheadshots)

Interested in booking a shoot like this for yourself?  I would be SO THRILLED to hear from you.  Please drop me a line!