BW: Day 1

I was challenged to post a black and white photo every day for the next five days.  I'm usually super good at ignoring things like this, but I decided a little challenge is what I need right now.  So, this is for me.  If anyone else happens to enjoy, that's an awesome bonus!!

Here's one of my favorite photos from last spring of my fantastic baby brother.  This was a 100% genuine, preciously adorable smile for him--at the time.  Now, that smile is very different, both physically and emotionally.  The contrast is pretty neat.  

Closely watching kids grow up gives me such a picture of God's love and grace for everyone, most acutely me.  There's a precious song I sang many moons ago in the Joyfullest Noise Choir (best kid's choir name ever, amiright?) that said, " took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.  How loving and patient He must be--He's still working on me."

Seriously though.  The cosmos are so vast and complicated that it took "us" (I'm not involved, actually) ten years to get a structure from earth to a comet 500 million kilometers away, including a three year hibernation because the poor thing needed a nap (I hear you, sister)--and that's still in the same solar system.  We all know the universe is infinitely larger and more complex than we could ever understand.  But it's good, it's created, it's done.  

But He's still working on us.  We're at least as complex and broken and complicated than that comet, yes?  

So I'll give myself ten-ish years to become the perfect version of the person I was created to be.  I found a twelve-step, DIY, #ikeahack, classy hipster chic blog that will point me to the Truth.  

Uuummmm ha.  Jk.  Imma leave this one to the Father and pray He doesn't give up on me.  He's promised me He won't, but I figure it's good manners to keep asking for that grace.  May I continue to grow and perhaps thrive, with full knowledge of who holds the blueprints and the prophesies.  NOT ME, PRAISE THE LORD.  And not the classy blog either, though those are super fun to read, truly.  But obviously, my value is not found in my DIY skillz or anything else.  My only value is in the Lord, yes?

This is a fun challenge.  Thanks, Holly! :)  More tomorrow.

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