BW: Day 2

Alrighty my friends.  Day two.  It's no secret I'm a fan of my kid.  She's just so cool, for real--she dances (wiggles...thrashes around...whatever) when she hears music, she cracks herself up all the time, and she's becoming just the slightest (largest) bit feisty.  She's a nut, and she's the coolest nut I've ever met.

A few weeks ago, we went to visit her namesake, my great-grandmother (so her great-great.  WOWZA), Jewell.  Grandmother took a spill about a month ago, thus her arm bandaged up beneath her gown.  She'd kill me for sharing this photo--so shhhh.  This is a lady who always "fixes her face" and has gorgeous jewelry that perfectly coordinates to her outfits.

She's ninety-nine and fantastic.  She's the single most inclusive member of our family and is much more tough than any of us give her credit for--and we give her a lot of credit.  I'm proud our little Charlotte shares a name with this family treasure.  Two Jewells and all my love!

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