Inside the Summer Model Series

I'm pretty much bursting at the seams, as I've been dyyying to share something, ANYthing from these wonderful girl's shoots, BUT, I'm trying to exercise self control.  Play it cool. 

It's hard.

But I persevere, y'all.  I persevere.

Okay, so that escalated quickly.  My whole point is that I want to take a minute to explain just how all of this came together.  First, I had my top-secret recruiting process.  BOOM.  That happened.  Then, once I got hold of these wonderful girls and we all decided we'd be on the same team, we started planning.

I did some personal brainstorming, thinking of the girls, each of their unique beauties, their personalities, their every day styles--and then started working on bridging the gap between all of that business and some potential looks I thought this year's senior class would appreciate seeing as senior portrait ideas.  It wasn't much of a gap, to be honest.  These girls are great.

Note:  It's super important that whenever you hire a senior portrait photographer, whether or not it's me, you need to have someone whose style of shooting you completely love.  Also, it's super important to be true to yourself in your photos.  Don't give in to styles, in clothing, makeup, photography, anything, that aren't you.  The point of the whole process is to remember who you are, today.  Jump wholeheartedly into that, and you won't be disappointed.

Back on track.  Next, I started a Pinterest board for each girl, so they could see what I was thinking and keep their eyes on their own closets, as well as any good sale item they may run across.  I never asked them to go out and spend gobs of money or anything like that--no way Jose.  That's not how we roll.  Anyways, I chatted a little with each gal to make sure they liked the style I had in mind.  Once we were all on board, we solidified the schedule, I contacted my incredible makeup artist, and maybe even got the ball rolling with a particular florist I love, and that's. how. we. do it.

I'm so thrilled with how this has all turned out.  We're 75% done and I'm 100% thrilled.  This is going to be great, y'all.

You'll be meeting each of my girls over the next couple weeks, but to tide you over, here's another teaser.  I know, I know, you don't have to say it...but yeah, you're welcome.  ;)

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