Summer Model: Kambri

Okay, dolls.  This is Kambri, one of my four smart, kind, beautiful summer models.  I am so proud to introduce you to her!

Kambri's something else.  She's in all honors classes, she's a multi (I can't even keep track of how many exactly) sport letterman, and has competed on the STATE level (IN TEXAS, HEEELLO) in multiple events as an athlete.  Bonus: she's incredibly genuine and completely the real deal.

So, in planning her modeling session, I decided I wanted to highlight her special combination of classiness, school spirit, and sporty style.  She looks great in any style, but it was really fun to find a look that was just perfect for her.

We went to the local tennis courts, as I wanted a "clean" set-up and great lines.  Heeellllooooo, perfect.

I love how Kambri looks sharp and classy, yet fun and maybe even a little flirty.  We didn't go over the top in any direction, as that would not be her style at all.  We were able to draw inspiration from who Kambri truly is, and stay true to her fantastic self.

I love it.

clothes: Kambri's own, as well as a school jersey | makeup: Kennedy Chapa | photography: Becca Egger Photography

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