Summer Model: Kersten

OKAY OKAY OKAY.  Terribly exciting here.  We have here, for the first time ever, the EXCLUSIVE reveal of our second lady of the Summer Model series, Kersten!

Kersten is the born-and-bred all-American, girl-next-door type.  She's involved at school, drives a jeep, loves her dogs, and isn't afraid to get a bruise.  In fact, as we were taking these photos, she'd jump ahead of my suggestions and go a step further than I was asking--always in the right direction, too!  Sit in the canoe?  No, she'd rather paddle around the lake.  Lean against the truck?  It's cool, she'll just climb inside.

With all this in mind, I feel that we picked just the right style when we decided to go with "day at the lake," typical summer day, natural and genuine.  That's Kersten all the way.

Clothing:  Kersten's personal | Makeup: Kennedy Chapa | Photography: Becca Egger Photography

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