Summer Model: Sophie

Oh, my friends.  Just you wait.

Sophie is another one of my wonderful models this summer, and she is a brave girl!  I sent her some photos ahead of time, giving her an idea of what I was thinking, and she was completely on board.  We got her hair pulled back in a simple braid so her sweet face could shine through, and my makeup artist (using that word completely appropriately) took just a tiny bit of instruction and did something more incredible than I ever anticipated.

I love the ethereal essence Sophie exudes, especially as she still looks completely her age.  There's something special about this look--mermaid? Fairy?  Not sure, but I LOVE it, and I think this would be a dreamy look for senior portraits.

Without further ado...Sophie.

clothing: Sophie's own | makeup: Kennedy Chapa | florals: Jan Barstead | photography: Becca Egger Photography

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