Summer Model: Katie

While we were taking these photos, Katie and I joked about one of my first memories of her--a cute, curly-headed four-year-old who fell asleep snoring on my lap in church.  Things have changed a little since then....obviously...:)

Katie is the youngest of six kiddos, all of whom are highly successful in their own fields, and between their examples and her own character, I know that Katie is going to finish her last year of high school with a lot of zazz (really feeling that word, y'all) and will head into her college academic and athletic careers ready to work hard and make a name for herself.  She is a tough, kind, brilliant young lady, and anyone who can make a name for herself following five such stellar siblings has two thumbs up in my book.

For Katie's modeling session, we wanted to go with a natural, summery look, maybe even the kind of look you'd see at a summer concert.  We may or may not have borrowed a particular prop from one of her brothers...hint, it's not the flowers!  I so enjoyed this comfortable, "real" session with Katie, and can't wait to get her senior photos taken care of later this year!

clothing: Katie's own | makeup: Katie | guitar: don't want to talk about it | photography: Becca Egger Photography

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