This gorgeous lady is now very officially a Mrs., so I am beyond thrilled to reveal her bridal portraits!  I was so nervous/excited/anxious to take these photos.  Eden is practically family and one of the most gorgeous girls I know, and I knew that the only way these photos wouldn't turn out is if I screwed something up.  How's that for no pressure?!  Ha!  

In preparing for this shoot, I asked Eden what she wanted, and she said, "Just something different."  Hmmm.  Facepaint?  A headdress?  Skydiving?  Seriously, y'all, I REALLY didn't want to mess this up.  After some brainstorming and inspiration seeking, I found a few ideas and sent them over to my ridiculously talented friend Jan at Thistle Floral Design in McKinney.  She gave me the green light, and all systems were GO, y'all.

Breathe easy, my friends, because I did not screw this up.  Eden's daily beauty was enhanced by her love and anticipation to marry her high school sweetheart, and I was just along for the ride.  Without further ado...Eden.

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