Adam and Whitney

It's always, without a doubt, humbling to be a part of your stories.  There are more moments than not that I wonder how in the world so many of you intrust to me the serious job of recording your family's memories.  I want you all to know that I take that responsibility with great joy, but also gravity, as time is fleeting, and we'll never get yesterday back.

That being said, these two friends--Adam and Whitney--gave me one of the greatest honors of my little life when they granted my request to take their maternity photos.  

Here's the deal.  They're awesome.  They're so sweet.  They love Jesus, their families, and their friends.  They're having a baby!  And they have been given a different script to follow than any of us ever dreamed.

At about twenty weeks, baby Zapotocky was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome, meaning, in short, that no kidneys = no amniotic fluid = no lung development.  While there is one beautiful known case of a child surviving past birth, treatment options are not in the cards for this family, for one reason or another.  We are all heartbroken for them, and, if we're willing to admit our selfishness, for ourselves.  Our little group of friends loves this baby so much, and it hurts to realize we won't be able to show Baby Zap all this mooshy gooshy love in all the "normal" ways.

But there are other ways to show our love.  One is admiration for Adam and Whitney, Baby's parents.  Check out some snippets from one of their emails:

Truly, we’re thankful that WE are the 1 in 15K to carry this baby instead of a young, scared teen with no family or support. How much more unbearable would this be?!
We’ve decided to focus on 2 things: 1)the Joys of pregnancy and 2)the fact that we Are Able to get pregnant! We are planning to carry to term and Baby Z is moving, squirming, and stomping on my bladder at every opportunity (LOL)!

What strength and wisdom.  They may or may not feel it, but the rest of us certainly do.  I'm reminded of Proverbs 31:25:

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future.

This mentions nothing of Godly folk having futures that do not warrant fear, or that she has earned a gorgeous, fear-free future--but that the future is inevitable, and while garbed in both strength and dignity, she can laugh--because she knows Who holds her future in His hands.

With full faith, these two know exactly Who holds Baby Zap's future, as well as their own.  They have so much love and respect for their little baby, and are doing everything they can to take care of their child while they have the privilege.  They are already having to make decisions and arrangements that I don't let myself think about (I need to work on my strength and dignity), and mix their sorrow with celebration.

They have my heart.

Another way to love on Baby Zap is to admire the beauty surrounding his or her growth!  Here are a few of their maternity photos, as promised.  There was so much joy in taking these images--complete celebration, with full knowledge of the future.  It's something deeper than my understanding, certainly.

And one last mode of loving, for now, at least.  After the photos, please click on the link I've provided, which leads to a Go Fund Me page a few of their friends started.  It has much more information about the family, their needs, and a few different ways the rest of us can help, if so led.  But first, enjoy these gorgeous folks and their beautiful baby bump.

In love with them?!  Of course you are.  They're beautiful.

Here's the link to their Go Fund Me page.  Feel free to just look around a learn a little more about these folks.  But, did you ever hear the late Kidd Kraddick reference a "healthy kid tax"?  It's something to consider.  Adam and Whitney would never ask for it--but I have absolutely no qualms in the asking.  Let's overwhelm them with love, y'all.

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