One of my favorite days so far this year was the day we ran a social media promotion to give away a free session.  To enter, friends simply had to leave a comment tagging a friend and giving them a sincere compliment.  OVER TWO HUNDRED COMPLIMENTS LATER, I was floating on cloud eleven.  At least.  

Catherine (Cat) was one of the winners (long story short, my babe Charlotte was in charge of drawing a winner and she drew two instead.  We embraced it.  Check it out on my instagram, @beccaeggerphotography . She's precious, obviously.).  I so enjoyed exploring her hometown with her and really getting on board with the sulky, thick air the afternoon had for us.

Cat's one of a kind.  She looks just as good in focus as out of focus, black and white as color, looking in the camera as looking away.  STOP WITH THE FABULOUSNESS, GIRL!  Just stop.  

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