Dave + Tiffany

Love is IN THE AIR, my friends!  Dave and Tiffany were altogether WAY too cute when we wandered around the Bishop Arts District of Dallas a few days ago.  I loved hearing stories of how they met--both working in the emergency room at Children's here in Dallas, her as a nurse and him as a pediatrician.  Then their first date--she knew it was great, he wondered why she kept rolling her eyes (her contacts were dry).  Then his proposal--on their anniversary, via a piece of anniversary pie.  Stop it with the perfection, guys.  Just stop it.

We made our first stop at Emporium Pies, the location of their first date, and then walked around the area a bit, and finished things up at a local park.  It was darling, it was humid, and it was wonderful.

SO excited for you two to enter into marriage together!  I foresee a LOT of laughing in the future for these two.

Rebecca EggerComment