Mast Family

You know those families who are just real and lovely and obviously CRAZY about each other, even when they make each other crazy?  This is totally one of these families.  I am grateful to have the Mast's in my life--they exude Christ's love and are super cute to boot.  

We had to hide under an awning a time or two to avoid a few raindrops, but the cloudy sky made for a great moody swirl (super official photography word...swirl...) throughout the session.  What's best about all of this is that we were on the very sidewalk where Bree and William met when they were teenagers!  How precious is that?!  At one point, we were talking, and Bree pointed to a trashcan and said, "Right over there.  That's our trashcan."  Take that, Nicholas Sparks.  ROMANCE.  Seriously though...I wish I could remember the exact second I met my husband.  Too sweet!

Here's to another great family session:  comfortable and real and FUN!!!

Rebecca EggerComment