Okay, see that beautiful baby up there?  That's Savannah, and she absolutely blessed my family to pieces throughout her baby- and toddler-hood.

My mom kept this sweet pea during the day while I was in middle school, and as you can imagine, having a happy, sweet baby around five out of seven days a week was a dream.  

Fast-forward about fifteen years, and this girl is a SENIOR, getting ready to move into the dorms at DBU, and totally blessing everyone she knows to pieces.  Our families had a lot of fun getting together for a mini-reunion and photo session day.  Memories, y'all.  Memories.

We also got some film images, but I'm impatient and want to get these up ASAP.  So, lucky y'all...more photos to come in a few weeks.  I'm not sad about that.

Happy graduation, Savannah!  You were just what the doctor ordered almost eighteen years ago, and even though you don't remember a lick of it, my family is forever changed because of your sweet love and intoxicatingly chubby cheeks.

Rebecca EggerComment