A blessing and curse of teaching high school is that students who were babies just TWO MINUTES AGO suddenly become full-fledged pre-adults, applying for college, driving nicer cars than me, and making the kinds of decisions that affect the quality of their lives.  It's amazing for them and it's very unnerving for me.  Nothing like making a twenty-eight year old feel about three decades heavier than that, y'all.  

Brodie.  Prime example.  A minute and a half ago he was a sophomore in my English class, and now all the sudden we're talking pros and cons of fraternities and discussing what car he'd REALLY like to be driving.  Time doth fly.  Two things which haven't changed are the quality and caliber of this young man--he's a good guy to know.

We shot some film of this fella, too.  What do you think?!  I'm loving the challenge!

Rebecca EggerComment