Candace and Stephen

The biggest perk of having best friends is weaseling my way into their families!  Candace is the first of four sisters, all of whom I love, and all of whom I pretend are also my sisters.  The second sister, Caresse, has been putting up with me for the better part of ten years, so I figure at this rate, they'll probably continue to do so.  Fingers crossed!!

For Candace and Stephen's engagement photos, we hit downtown Dallas bright and early.  Dallas has a reputation for aloof, ostentatious people and style, but I heartily disagree.  While there are, of course, sour faces in every crowd, the people of Dallas have been working hard to showcase the best of what they have to offer.  Bridges as art?  Yes.  Recycle old highways into urban parks?  Of course.  Candace and Stephen wanted to bring some of the city's charm into this documentation of a sweet life season, and I was thrilled to oblige.

Rebecca EggerComment