CONGRATULATIONS to Abigail, whose senior year is well underway!  And senior photos/portraits/whatever you want to call them are officially CHECKED off her list.  Apparently graduating with extreme honors is all but checked off her list as well-- Abigail is currently first in her class and well on her way to graduating as the valedictorian of her class!  Impressive, I guess, right?  ;)

I so love families like Abigail's, who are loyal friends who keep coming back for more photos.  I loved photographing Miranda, Abigail's older sister, a couple years ago, and though the girls couldn't be more different, I loved hanging out with and photographing Abigail just as much.  I'm a blessed lady, y'all.

Note:  WE DID NOT GET ON THE RAILROAD TRACKS.  That is illegal and dangerous.  Make good choices, friends.

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