Rylie: Senior

So many things to say right now.


Okay, so I'm not sure when 7th graders got promoted straight to senior year, but that's what has obviously happened with Rylie.  She was in middle school like, yesterday, and now she's making plans for COLLEGE.  Either I'm stuck in a time machine or something very fishy is going on here.

Really though, sheesh, time flies.  Rylie is the youngest of three, and I've had the privilege of photographing each for their senior portraits.  Talk about an honor!  And I have to brag a bit--these folks are perfect examples of the Cast Iron family (BTW, if you want to be in the family, you're in.  Client, fan, internet stalker (the cool kind), we're all in.  No club dues.).  By that I mean we are the COOLEST PEOPLE EVER.  Or at least semi-cool and definitely a lot of fun.

Let me explain.

Not only has this family come back faithfully so I can keep photographing them--not only are they fantastic dressers and beautiful people (call me shallow but I think it's kinda fun!)--not ONLY are they kind and generous friends--but these folks are also RESCUERS OF DOGS.

About halfway through these photos you'll see Zoe.  Zoe is a schnauzer.  Zoe is also a runaway, apparently.  Rylie and her sister Alex called a big time out during the middle of Rylie's session so they could grab Zoe off the street and keep her from getting hit.  Inconvenient for these two ladies?  Yes.  A little stinky?  Inevitably.  Did they give it a second thought?  Nope.  And when their mom arrived a few minutes later, she didn't either.  Into the car went Zoe, and they have been working on contacting her owners.  I'm not actually sure how this situation resolved--but maybe they'll leave a comment to finish out the story!!  HINT HINT ALEX OR RYLIE OR PAULA PLEASE!

(Side note:  also featured is Georgia, who is available as an assistant for portrait sessions upon special request.)

Anyhow, these are my people.  Y'all are my people.  I'm so thankful.  If any of y'all are wondering, here is the story behind my business name, and though little Zoe may not know it, this cute little story, and those of all of you, carries a lot of weight in my heart.  I love my Cast Iron family.

I also CANNOT get over how gorgeous Rylie is.  Get ready to have your socks knocked off, friends!

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