Philpott Family: Family Session

When I was in seventh grade, there was this senior (you read that correctly) who went to my church and was in the same group of friends as my older brother--and, most memorably for me, treated me like a real, genuine friend.  She took me shopping, gave me rides, let me borrow clothes, had me spend the night...and also laughed at me and taught me to laugh at myself.

Older teenagers, hear this:  this friendship was life-giving to me.  At a tumultuous age, to say the least, I had someone from the top of the social food chain who was in my corner, no matter what.  YOU COULD BE THAT PERSON.  Sixteen years have passed and I am still indebted to this girl.  YOU COULD BE THAT PERSON.

Now, she is a wife, a mom to two gorgeous kiddos, and a teacher (at the same school district as my husband--actually literally next door to him.  How crazy is that?!), and I know the reach of her influence has both widened and deepened.  It was just plain fun to get these photographs today and see how beautiful her life is.  Confident, sweet, smart kids, and a husband who loves them all deeply--and all four sure know how to laugh.

Rebecca EggerComment