Tolbert Family: Family Mini Session

HERE COME THE MINI SESSIONS, Y'ALL.  I have to admit, once I had my schedule filled out and realized I'd be shooting 10 families and couples in one day...I was a little nervous.  And in search of good caffeine sources.  But y'all, nervousness and caffeine were both totally unnecessary.  This was the BEST DAY.  I got to see so many people I know and love, and folks that I wish I knew better and desperately hope love me (ha! I'm honest!), and it was just empowering and beautiful.

First up, the Tolberts.  Andi and I went to high school together, and I've always thought so very highly of her.  Smart, hardworking, goooorgeous, talented (I forgot to ask if she can still sink a three like she could in high school)--but best of all, she has the best sense of humor.  So do her sweet husband and beautiful daughter--so as you can easily see, we just laughed our way through this entire session.

Rebecca EggerComment