Rodgers Family: Family Mini Session

We love these folks.  John and I became friends in the spring of 2006, if I remember correctly--mutual friends brought us into the same little group of friends whilst freshman at OU, and we've been friends ever since--quickly adding in Jeff around the same time, and several years later, welcoming Amy with GLEE!  Add our babies to the mix, and we're all a bunch of happy weirdos.  Everyone needs someone to just be weirdos with, amiright?

The Rodgers family took a risk, y'all.  They were willing to take a late time slot, with the understanding that it was a bit of a gamble--the sun would be getting loooow.  Which could mean glorious golden-hour glow OR it could mean just murky terrible sadness.  But hey--no risk, no reward right?  Spoiler alert:  GOLDEN HOUR GLOW ACHIEVED.

Rebecca EggerComment