Roten Family: Family Mini Session

I've raved before about how great part-time jobs are, and how EEEEVERYONE should only work part time (hey, I'm nothing if not completely realistic...), but I left out this little detail:  for the dream scenario, one must include incredible coworkers, including a super sweet, fun couple whose pregnancy is just a few weeks behind your own.  BOOMSHAKALAKA, this is the MOST ULTIMATE FUN THING EVER.

Brittany and Charlie turned out to be great friends for us--Charlie is a coach as well (and Brittany was too, until these little twinsies decided to pull the cutest monopoly ever, completely conquering her time), and we're all finding ourselves in a pretty crazy, pretty magical stage of life.  Super grateful for these four, and can't wait to see little tiny friendships develop between our kiddos!

Rebecca EggerComment