Abi and Charlie: One Year Anniversary

Yesterday I told the tale of the nutsto-side of this deal.  Here I present the calm, cool, charming, completely lovely side--Abi and Charlie.

While I was spinning and grinning for head shots, Jeff juggled the (very unhappy) girls, so it was only fair for me to grab them for a few minutes when I got back to give him a break (Side note: there are approximately 98234382 things I love about Jeff, and two of the biggest are highlighted in this paragraph: his love and patience for me and our girls, and his genuine interest in other people).  While I nursed Georgia and struggled with my yoga pants, I overheard bits and pieces of Jeff's conversation with these two.  Once I was ready, we needed to go ahead and get shooting some more, but later in the car, Jeff was totally game for re-telling the love story of Charlie and Abi.

Here's the short version of the story, because only they can give the full-detailed version the justice it deserves:

Best friends since junior high.  Always stayed in touch, albeit long-distance.  At the end of college, Charlie semi-proposes marriage and dating in the same sentence.  Abi eventually agrees to the dating part.  Charlie and Abi quickly realize they were made for each other, and make the deal permanent.

And, believe it or not, they are as precious and wonderful as their story.

Side note: Abi and I used very similar cameras in the exact same locations at the exact same time.  Our photos look completely different.  This is called style.  When you choose a photographer, you are hiring them for their artistry.  This is why it doesn't hurt my feelings when friends or family hire someone else to take their photos.  If my style isn't yours, that's totally fine!  Find the person who IS your style.

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