Krista: Senior Portraits

To say I am excited to share these photos is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT.  ALL CAPS TO EMPHASIZE, Y'ALL.

Krista is a darling.  I know this because a) I'm not a fool and b) I've had the privilege of knowing her at a few stages of her life.  Her family lives very near mine, so I got to babysit her a few times when she was just a little thing (cue the "you're old!" jokes), and then a few years ago, I got to be her teacher!  

Teacher secret: Every year, there was a student whose paper I would always grade first.  If they missed anything, I'd double-check to make sure my answer key was correct before moving forward and grading everyone else's papers.  Basically I was more confident in that student's ability to be correct than in my own.  CoughKristacough.  Everytime.

Krista and I had a blast planning her shoot.  We got a makeup artist (she's the BEST) to come doll her up just a little, and we explored around her parent's house and the surrounding area.  Then...y'all.  I just can't.  I don't know how to tell y'all this.

She's a waterskier.

Not like me--recreational, learned as a kid and likes to pretend it's something special--but like ultralegitcompletelytalentedearnsawardsatthenationallevel for real.  So we got out in the boat (pulled by her younger brother, no less--how cool are these people?!) and she gave us a show. She competes in jump and slalom as well, but trick is her favorite, so trick she did.

BUCKLE UP.  This is absurd.  The great kind.

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