Montgomery Family: Family Portraits

When I married Jeff, I married a whole church.  Kinda.  Not like a cult or anything--his home church is well established in the community, mission-minded, Bible-centered, and full of generations of families worshiping together.  Most of his best friends are guys with whom he grew up at church.  So, like I said, when I married Jeff, I not only inherited his incredible family, but also his stellar church family.  Triple win.

Here's the quadruple win: all the other in-laws!  The girls and guys who have also married members of this church are superheroes, too.  I love them.  Love love love.  One of them--Jaime (insert heart eyes)--contacted me to see if I'd be up to photograph their whole family.  UM YES.

Servant-hearted and sweet as pie, the Montgomery family doesn't get to be all together too much--half of them live in West Texas, and all are deeply involved in their local churches, which makes weekend travel a little tricky!  It was so exciting to get to be a fly on the wall, so to speak, for this little family reunion.

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