Georgia: Newborn

Um, so three months later, here are Georgia's newborn photos!  OOPS, y'all.  I'm sorry.

Spoiler alert: she's killer cute and an absolute angel.

First up, a trusty iPhone photo entitled "Sisters: Before the Storm."

I kid...kinda.  Charlotte has turned into a doting, adoring big sister (most of the time, haha! She is human, y'all), but the first couple weeks were a little tough.  Understandably!  Her world turned totally upside down.  We were so proud of how quickly she abandoned her abusive ways (ha...ha...) and joined the Georgia Fan Club.

Additional spoiler alert: Georgia is trying to edge out her parents as the most spirited member(s) of the Charlotte Fan Club.  Baby girl LIGHTS UP when her big sis comes around!

Without further ado, Georgia's newborn photos...a ridiculous outtake included!  Listen, sibling photos are hard.

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