Baio Family: Milestone and Family Photos

This little man is so scrumptious, healthy, and sweet, I often forget that he entered the world with a bang!  He was born seeeveral weeks early, and his parents were prepared to embrace the world of a preemie--but low and behold, he was already big and healthy, and settled into post-womb life quite quickly.  Now he's halfway to one and just as delicious as can be!

This family is one of my favorites.  Even if they weren't overcomers, fighters, survivors, I'd love them dearly--they're full of life and humor, and give of themselves without hesitation.  And then tack on their incredible character in the face of tough stuff--they're good people to have around.  I'm challenged by them, and everyone can use some of that in their lives, amiright?  Bonus: they're SUPER cute and full of kisses for each other!

Rebecca EggerComment