Light: A Collaboration

I'll just jump right into it:  Caysi Bolin is my sister's childhood (and beyond) best friend, and is therefore like another sister to me.  Her husband is in vocational ministry, and in addition to supporting him, she's a full-time mom to two boys, plus the bonus daughter they've had the honor of parenting for the almost-year she's been placed in her home (through the foster care system).  What an adventure, am I right?  Highs and lows, just like all of us, but they persevere and daily see that light overwhelms darkness.  

She's also a very talented creative, most especially in the area of hand lettering.  She doesn't have time to create her own business at this point (duuuuh amirite mamas?), though her skills are competitive with the best out there, and instead uses her talents for projects at church, gifts for friends and family, and her own journaling.

A month or two ago, I asked her if she would collaborate with me on a project that we could product before Christmas (helllloooo gift shopping!!).  She sent me beautiful samples, and we moved forward with the idea you see below.  My photos are from a retreat to the mountains, a girls trip that was full of light, that pushed out the darkness.  She chose Genesis 1:1-5, to remind us that from literally the beginning, the has been darkness and light, and the light is what God has claimed as good, and that has not and will not change.

WHAT A MESSAGE.  We can say that confidently because we're just messengers, not the Author.  

So, here's what we have.  Both pieces have identical ingredients: two photos taken on a 35mm camera of the Rocky Mountain sky, developed and scanned by a professional lab, and one gorgeous hand lettered print of Genesis 1:1-5, plus a modern, minimalistic frame.  The large pieces is one of a kind and is made up of three 8x12 prints.  Price: $250.  We're creating ten of the smaller pieces (though several are already spoken for!), which hold three 4x6 prints.  Price: $75.

light cast iron photography

All can be found on our products page.

HERE'S THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE THING.  100% of the profit from this project is going to Caysi and her family.  She doesn't like that but I'm bossy so I win.  She and Danny, her husband, fight for light every day and if that's the message she wants the world to hear, I think we ought to listen.  This isn't about fiances so much as it is about confidence and encouragement and voting for families who do things like bring Texas kiddos into their homes.  THAT'S why this is a big deal.  If you know you're called to care for the widows and orphans but don't feel a peace about opening your front door--consider supporting a door that's already open. 

cast iron photos light

Please let me know if you have any questions!  Originally, these were only going to be for sale through Wednesday the 22nd of November, but due to the nature of the response we've been getting (!!), we've decided to make them available through Tuesday the 28th.  But, once they're gone, they're gone--so don't hesitate for too long.  ;)

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