Jewels: one year old

Dear Jewels,

Since you probably won't remember much about what life is like in the days surrounding your first birthday, let me tell you a little bit about it.  You're my favorite twelve-month-old in the whole world, and next month, you'll be my favorite thirteen-month-old.  You're smart, so I'm sure you can pick up on that trend.

When we took these photos, I never had to ask your parents to kiss you, hug you, tell you how much they love you, or to "get closer!"  They're making you tough--they let you cry a bit in your crib before they pick you up, they don't coddle you when you have minor falls or crashes--but girlfriend, they're obsessed with you.  Your quiet home is filled with more love than one baby can hold.  Your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and dozens and dozens of friends pile even more affection on top of all of that--so good luck absorbing all of it.  I'm thinking it'll be enough to share, and I can't even imagine the blessing you'll be to your classmates and friends as you get bigger and bigger.  

We love you a bunch, sweet girl.  Thank you for turning my big brother into a sticky pile of lovey-mush.  It's a really good look for him.