Sam and Isaac: Seniors

Can good looks kill?  Because I am slaaaayed and yes that was corny but stick with me because these guys are so stinkin' cute.  Also, their sweet momma not only drove their older sister all the way across north Texas for her senior photos two and a half years ago, but hit another home run out of my heart by doing it again with these two.

Sam and Isaac did not grow up in my hometown, but they were born here, and I bet I'm not the only person who sees their birth and infancy as a distinctive and shaping time period in the life of our local church.  Their dad was our youth pastor and when these two guys snuck (and shocked) their way into the world a couple months early, whether or not their big sister and parents wanted it, we were ALL OVER IT with all the help (both actual help and "help," I am sure) we could muster.  Luckily the family survived our fire hydrant style of love and I think they still like all of us, though many years and miles are now between us and those times.

So when I say "ohmygosh I can't believe these guys are so grown up," I mean it, because my strongest memories of them are as tiny (tiny, tiny) infants with a lot of very specific instructions.  And now here they are and there's a girlfriend and there's graduation gowns and I'm just done.  But they're so handsome and ALSO PSA TO ALL THE OTHER TEENAGED GUYS I now know just how cooperative eighteen year old fellas can be so be forewarned, my standards have gone WAY up.  <3