Kendall: Senior

Kendall's mom, Ashley, had a stroke of genius when she asked if we could use a little of Kendall's senior portrait time to also get some (rare!) family photos.  First of all, yes of course, second of all, SERIOUSLY that's genius.  We made sure to prioritize Kendall's time, but then while she was changing took advantage of the lull and got other important shots of her family members, and when she was in the outfit that coordinated best with the rest of the crew, we rocked a few group shots.  I bet she donated a total of maybe ten minutes of her senior portrait time.  I'm all about saving those dollars, folks!

ALSO.  How special is it to have your A-team join you for your senior pics?  Like, hey, look what I've done and look where I'm going, but also look who has surrounded me, supported me, made me brave, helped me do my best.  I love the underlying message of these photos: go Kendall, and also we're coming with you.

Anyways, on to Kendall!  She's a (gorgeous!  Irrelevant but true!) senior at Melissa High School and is currently wrapping up her last couple days on campus.  In January, she'll join her big sis at Texas A&M in College Station and start working out with the soccer team!  How cool is that?  For all the hard work (and resources!) this family has put in over the years, they have two girls suiting out for TAMU, and even a year and a half of that together.  Talk about special!  She's had an incredible high school experience, as a varsity soccer player and RYLA scholarship winner (and way more activities and accolades than I can list here), and I know she's planning on making the next four years just as special.